Machu Pichu Day Tour Operator Recommendations?

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How would you prefer to get to/see Machu Pichu?

  1. As Part of a Day Tour

  2. On Your Own / DIY getting a guide at the top or using a guidebook.

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    So I picked up some cheap tickets from TACA earlier this year to Lima and have decided to also go to Cusco, Urubamba and Machu Pichu. A group of 4 adults will be staying in Urubamba for 2 nights and Cusco for 2 nights and plan to go up to Machu Pichu as a day trip from my hotel in Urubamba.

    I've read where we can just purchase train, bus and park tickets ourselves and find an English speaking guide once we get to Machu Pichu (or just bring a guide book). However, I'm also curious whether there are any day trip tours available that anyone would suggest. I understand many of them probably leave from Cusco but would like to go from Urubamba or Ollantaytambo instead.

    I'd really appreciate any recommendations on any Day Tour operators that people on MP have experience with as well as what was included in the tour (train, bus and park ticket, lunch, english only speaking guide etc.) and what the cost was per person. Thanks in advance for any help.
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