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    So... I remember posting about Uber when they were starting up a few years back...

    And I was sort of dismissive of it, and now in spite of all the woes it's like a $10 billion company... somehow...

    And now there's this "Luxe Valet" app that I'm looking at with a crooked eye, and I remember that this is the same way I felt about Uber, so we'll see how it plays out.

    The concept is simple... you use the app and tell them where you're going. When you get there, one of their valets is standing by on the side of the road wearing a blue Luxe jacket -- you already know who he is and they know who you are, because of the app.

    So... they take your car and drive it off somewhere... and for $5 an hour, with a cap of $15 a day, they park it away. When you need it, you use the app and they bring your car back.

    What? MADNESS. SORCERY YOU SAY. I say that too... no way this is taking off, no way it's profitable, etc.

    I guess time will tell... :)

    The caveats... it's only available for iOS and only in San Francisco, with plans to start operating in Santa Monica and Venice soon.
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    Venice, Italy ;) Time will tell. Thanks for sharing. :)
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