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    I'm planning to fly on award (X) ticket from EWR >> ZRH >> SIN, with EWR >> ZRH segment on UA and ZRH >> SIN segment on SQ.

    The stopover will be in ZRH for 10 days.

    I read UA's luggage allowance per pax is 1(one) - 23kg. But when I checked SQ's luggage allowance they have 2 different policies. Flight that goes from/to NA, would get 2(two) - 23kg, and for the rest of the world, 20kg (without any mention on how many luggage allowed).

    Since I will be originating from NA, does that mean that I have 2(two) - 23kg for my ZRH-SIN segment?
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    I don't think it is considered a stopover so much as two one-way flights. I believe you'll only get the ZRH-SIN allowance.

    That said, there is a reasonably new rule which uses the "Most Significant Carrier" as determining which baggage policy applies. This makes everything far more complicated and I don't know exactly how it applies, but with both being long-haul segments I don't think that one necessarily overrides the other.
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