Lufthansa or Turkish flight?

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Miles/Points' started by mileagejunqe, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Part of my upcoming travel plans are a flight from Kayseri, stopping in Istanbul, then continuing on to Munich. The flight from Kayseri arrives Istanbul at 10:35am. I have a choice of taking either the 12pm Turkish or the 1pm Lufthansa Air flight, both in business class, to Munich. First question, is the punctuality of Turkish. Any problem with connecting time? Second question, should I be favoring one airline over the other? In either case, it would be a mileage award. Thanks in advance for any comments.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about the punctuality.

    If you aren't in a rush to get to MUC then I'd take the longer layover and spend the extra time in the TK lounge. It is quite nice and you can easily relax and have a nice meal there with the extra time. You could probably do the same on the shorter connection but it would be a bit rushed, especially with the extra security check at the gate headed into the EU.

    The in-flight experience will probably be slightly better on TK metal, but not by a ton and it is a short flight.

    Have a great time in Cappadocia. We LOVED the several days we spent there a few years back.

    And, FWIW, I'm seeing the 12pm flight as TK-operated and the 1pm as LH-operated, though that's just a random date next month.

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    TK     |1631  |IST  |MUC  |11:50    |13:30    |-2-4--- |738      |2:40    |          |
    TK     |1631  |IST  |MUC  |12:00    |13:40    |1----6- |738      |2:40    |          |
    LH     |1771  |IST  |MUC  |13:00    |14:45    |1234567 |320      |2:45    |          
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    I would definitely take the TK flight if you are in biz class. TK has 2-2 seating with extra legroom in their 738's in biz class - somewhat akin to US domestic F, with more legroom. LH offers their shorthaul product on their A320's in which biz class is standard economy seating and pitch with an empty middle seat. The TK hard product is much better. In addition, TK has better meals as well - and as WA says, the TK lounge in IST is worth a visit.
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    Yes, the TK lounge in Istanbul is rather amazing. Beautiful, with a free cooked meal.
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    I would agree with everyone else that Turkish is the best choice. If you are able to spend a day in Istanbul and haven't been there yet, it is well worth the time.
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