Lufthansa GPUs Go Electronic

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    Hi everyone,

    Last year, we indicated that we were working to make electronic the paper-based process to request Global Premier Upgrades on flights operated by Lufthansa. Today we are launching a new online portal for these upgrades on most Lufthansa flights, which enables customers to request and confirm GPUs as early as time of ticketing.

    You can find complete information on the Lufthansa GPU Page on, but here are some brief highlights about the transition to the new process:
    • Lufthansa GPU requests will be electronic: No more paper certificates. Starting today, you may go to the Lufthansa GPU page on to learn more about the process and link to an online portal where you can request your upgrade. The request may be made as soon as your ticket is issued, up to 10 hours before flight departure.
      • Please note: The online process works for flights marketed with a Lufthansa flight number (e.g. LH431). For codeshare flights marketed by United (e.g. UA8837, operated by Lufthansa), please contact the MileagePlus Service Center to make the request, rather than going online.
    • Paper certificates remain valid for a very limited time: Lufthansa will retain limited capability to accept paper certificates for flights through January 31, 2015. However, acceptance is at Lufthansa’s discretion and may vary based on station capability, so we highly recommend you convert to the online process as soon as possible. If you currently have paper certificates already issued for future flights, please mail them back to using the return address on the front of the certificate, with a request that they be re-deposited to your account for future use. After today, we will no longer issue paper certificates.
    • Lufthansa handles clearance priority: Your request may be confirmed instantly if upgrade seats are available. If upgrade seats are not available, you may choose to be placed on Lufthansa’s internal upgrade waitlist.
      • Please note: Currently, waitlist requests will remain valid until 10 hours before departure. If Lufthansa does not clear your upgrade request by this time, we will automatically re-deposit the GPU into your account.
    Please visit the updated Lufthansa GPU Page on for full details, terms and conditions. Gute Reise!

    -UA Insider
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    Thanks for this update. Overall a useful change.

    Downside is we have to clear before 10-hours of departure;
    Looks like V-class is no longer eligible for Y to C upgrades?
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    So from the looks of it, if you don't clear 10 hours prior to flight, you won't clear at all. This is not particularly awesome given that the last time I used a paper GPU (C->F) it didn't clear until the gate.
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    Ability to clear earlier is good. DItto not requiring a paper cert. Cut-off from upgrading at the gate is bad. So is further limiting the eligible fare classes.

    Win some, lose some, I suppose.

    And, in the end, the UA/LH partnership is still the best for this sort of upgrade, I'd say.
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    At least we get some notice and some of this might be better, like potential advance clearance. But not all good. See how the now-excluded V class appears at the end of the list of fare class exceptions. Surely it would more naturally fit into the sequence between W and Z... perhaps this reveals a last minute Jeff Robbo-style move to reduce benefit. I'm glad I didn't actually buy the LH V-class ticket I was inspecting recently, found it at V on UA stock instead...
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