LoyaltyMatch releases RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet

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    When BlackBerry 10, the newest smartphone offered by RIM, is launched on January 30, LoyaltyMatch and Research in Motion (RIM) will also be introducing the RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet for BlackBerry 10.

    The RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet is a fresh, easy and intelligent approach to loyalty program management and shopping that provides an effective way to help manage and spend loyalty points that is so easy, you will actually use them. And it's FREE.
    Powered by the LoyaltyMatch OnDemandloyalty program SaaS platform, RewardingYourself helps you understand and manage your loyalty points maximizing the value of those points and other loyalty program currencies when you spend them.

    With Rewarding Yourself you can manage all of your loyalty programs and digitally store and carry your loyalty program cards and point totals. You will know what your points or miles are worth using one app. You can use the RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet app to be sure you are getting the best deal, and then decide if you should you use cash or loyalty points to buy. The RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet is the only app that lets you easily answer the question - should I use Points or Cash?

    Want to compare the value of hundreds of thousands of reward products from your loyalty programs with product prices at your favorite local stores or online retailers? Now you can browse then compare your favorite reward products anywhere, from almost any loyalty program. The RewardingYourself Loyalty Wallet App makes it easy to shop at a local store or online too, letting you find the best price. Then you decide if it is best to use Points or Cash to buy the product. As well, our instore inventory feature makes it easy to see at a glance which stores have the item in stock.


    Digital Loyalty Card Portfolio
    * Carry all of your loyalty reward program cards in one place. No more numerous plastic cards. Your loyalty program member card numbers are stored digitally and displayed in the app allowing you to quickly and easily access your digital member cards for use when shopping, eating or booking a flight or hotel room.

    Sync Your Loyalty Programs
    * Sync your loyalty program account information from RewardingYourself.com to your app. Keep track of how many points you have in each program. The best way to know how many points you have, and the best way to to finally use them!

    Search Rewards in All of Your Loyalty Programs
    * Don't know what product rewards are available in your loyalty program? Search hundreds of thousands of reward products. Find out what's available using your points.

    Shop and Compare Products: List Prices versus Reward Program Point Prices
    * Use our comparison shopping feature to decide if you should use Points or Cash to acquire a product? Compare product pricing from thousands of retailers - In store, Local, Online or using Loyalty Program Rewards.

    Shop Local
    * Search for the best price at your favorite shops and check the store inventories and availability.

    Shop Online
    * Find the best online price for a product.

    Shop Loyalty Programs
    * Find the product you want and buy it with your points.

    RIM has released a RewardingYourself app success story on the BlackBerry.com website (BB LoyaltyMatch Success). More information regarding all LoyaltyMatch mobile apps is available here mobile apps or at our sister site, RewardingYourself.

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