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  1. I spent $75 recently on flowers and delivery for a friend’s belated birthday present. It was $50 more than we usually spend, but guilt tends to bring out our most generous side. Without a simple spending strategy we end up buying birthday gifts, baby gifts or wedding presents at the last minute – reducing the chance of getting a thoughtful gift at a great price.
    One way to fight forgetfulness and overspending is to plug upcoming and recurring occasions into an online reminder service such as Rememberthemilk.com. Or download a gift-giving app such as Gift Planner to keep track of the lucky people you want to buy for and any gift ideas that pop up throughout the year.

    If you know your sister loves the spa, you can specify to search on daily-deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, and snatch up something perfect on sale. You’ll also give yourself time to purchase her presents with points. Sites like LoyaltyMatch.com let you search for items on your shopping list and “purchase” them with points instead of cash.

    Shopping early is one of your best bets for deeper discounts. Gifts have to be within your budget, though – don’t let someone else’s celebratory milestones interfere with you reaching any of your own.Planning a low-cost experience, tying a ribbon to a jar of your famous fudge brownies, or regifting your favourite book with a personal inscription will likely mean more, and cost less, than anything you can find at a store.
    Angela Self is one of the founders of the Smart Cookies money group. Read her weekly column on managing debt and saving money at globeinvestor.com.

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