LoyaltyMatch powers Payment and Financial Services Leader's Loyalty Program

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  1. Leader in solutions for check-cashing, payments and other financial services launches pilot program powered by LoyaltyMatch

    Digital Currency Systems (DCS), a leading provider of streamlined, digitally networked systems software used by the check cashing and financial services industry throughout the USA, has launched its first customer loyalty program powered by LoyaltyMatch OnDemand.

    DCS customer company CheckChangers, a check cashing, payments and other financial services provider, has launched the month-long pilot at selected locations in the Chicago area. Plans are to roll the program into CheckChangers other 40 plus locations this Spring.

    CheckChangers has a network of closely affiliated community financial service companies located and doing business in the following markets: Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, South Carolina and New York.

    Since signing a reseller agreement last year DCS and LoyaltyMatch have been working together to integrate systems that will provide DCS customer companies, and their approximately 4,000 locations across the USA, with access to LoyaltyMatch loyalty program and social loyalty solutions.

    "Working with DCS compliments our recent push into the financial services industry, as well as payments and digital currency," said Brad Ball, LoyaltyMatch Inc. president and ceo. "The team at DCS meshed perfectly with us and will now be able to deliver an outstanding loyalty solution to their customers," he added.

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