LoyaltyMatch OnDemand announces Web Widgets and Mobile App Users

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  1. Legends Resorts is the first LoyaltyMatch OnDemand customer to deploy widgets
    Legends Resorts is the first LoyaltyMatch OnDemand customer to embed the LoyaltyMatch OnDemand application directly into its website using widgets. What this means is Legends is able to use the company website to offer its "Smiles" loyalty program eliminating the need to use a LoyaltyMatch OnDemand hosted Smiles member's web portal.

    The LoyaltyMatch OnDemand widgets offer all of the features of hosted loyalty program portal, but can be accessed by all members on the Legends Resorts website where the LoyaltyMatch OnDemand widget(s) code is installed.
    The Man Shop Loyalty Program goes Mobile with Member Check-ins and In App Appointments
    The Man Shop is one of the first customers to deploy LoyaltyMatch OnDemand's mobile loyalty app.The mobile app provides The Man Shop loyalty program members with a digital wallet to carry their loyalty card, manage their point totals, review account activity, search available rewards and check-in for, or schedule, an appointment. The app can be viewed at this URL using any smart phone with a browser. A mobile app with similar features is available for all LoyaltyMatch OnDemand loyalty program customers.

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