LoyaltyMatch APIs and Why APIs will Save Your Business

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    This week we launched our "new and improved" LoyaltyMatch API site. Our APIs allow companies to quickly and easily integrate their web site or application with our SaaS loyalty and gamification platform. In that way they can launch and maintain their loyalty program while taking full advantage of the equity in their brand and existing online presence.

    As luck (or is it kismet?) would have it, this week Fortune published Why APIs will save your business from getting "Uber-ed", by Gary Little, in which he states that companies not taking full advantage of APIs could be "out innovated". Mr. Little believes that there is a technology shift underway now that only happens every 10-15 years and APIs are the reason.
    We built our first APIs several years ago and have been adding to and improving them since. We saw the shift coming. If that seems boastful, well as the old saying goes -- "It ain't bragging if it's fact."

    We suggest that you read Why APIs will save your business from getting "Uber-ed", by Gary Little.

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