Loyalty Program Spotlight- Sallie Mae Upromise

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    Like most recent college grads, I have discovered debt is just another “perk” (haha) upon graduating college. Many students fresh out of college find themselves bogged down with thousands of dollars to pay back in student loans before they even have jobs. Now, we all know this is a hot political topic, but let me introduce you to a easier way to lessen your college loan load for you and your parents. Brand new to the UsingMiles dashboard is the Sallie Mae Upromise program.


    This program immediately caught my eyes, and apparently has attracted 10 million others as well. The Sallie Mae Upromise program allows users to earn cash back for everyday purchases. This cash back is earned through Upromise partners, and then can be redeemed to assist in saving for college, paying for college, and paying back college loans. You can do this for yourself, or your parents can start early and save on their student’s behalf! So how does this all work? Lets talk a closer look…

    There are three ways to earn cash back: online shopping, restaurants, and grocery eCoupons.
    • Online Shopping- The Upromise program allows users to shop through thousands of online retailers that have agreed to participate in this program. By simply shopping or booking travel online through Upromise, users can earn between 1-25% cash back on purchases they make everyday.
    • Restaurants- The Upromise Dining Program allows users to earn 8% cash back on restaurant purchases. Users can register up to ten credit cards that are used regularly. And when dining out, all users have to do is pay with a registered credit card.
    • Grocery eCoupons- Upromise offers a selection of eCoupons based on everyday items and your favorite brands. Once you select the coupons you want, register your grocery and drugstore cards, shop for your products at participating stores, and scan your registered card upon check-out.

    After each purchase is verified, all of the Upromise savings are automatically deposited into your Upromise account. Once users have accumulated $25, there are a few choices, users can either invest earnings for growth in an eligible 529 account or use them to pay down student loan(s). If neither of those options are appealing, users can even request a check directly from Upromise to cover school expenses or invest on their own.

    So, for all of you out there that need to pay for/off college or just want to save for the future, create an account with Sallie Mae Upromise. This program is very appealing and helpful in so many ways! Be sure to add this program to your UsingMiles dashboard and track all the cash you earn!
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