Loyalty Program Spotlight- Rakuten Point Club

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    Rakuten, a site based in Tokyo, Japan, focuses on electronic retail. Much like eBay is to the United States, Rakuten is to Japan. As one of the world’s largest sites, it offers everything from clothes and shoes to sweets and alcohol, which makes it simple to find anything you need on Japan’s number one shopping site. The Rakuten Point club tracks all of your purchases and offers reward points for you to apply to future purchases!


    The Rakuten Point Club allows you to save with each purchase. When you earn Rakuten Super Points, you can save money each time you shop. Benefits of this program allow you to earn 1% Super Points with each purchase as well as bonus Super Points. Super Points are awarded for numerous seasonal promotions that offer 1,000 bonus points or 10 times point offerings.

    This loyalty program has four membership levels; silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. More rewards come as you move up in the membership levels. At the beginning level of silver, you will receive 700 bonus points on your birthday. The next level is gold, where you will earn 700 birthday points, access to 48-hour sales, and a 50,000 max bonus points if you win the lottery. At the platinum level, you will receive all benefits listed for silver and gold plus limited invitations to sales, 50 points back every month, and a monthly coupon. The top tier of this loyalty program is the diamond level. Here you will receive 150 points back each month, a group coupon each month, a special offer on your one year anniversary and all benefits leading up to diamond. Additionally, loyalty program members will receive special limited time deals, based on the level of membership held.

    To use your Super Points, you must have at least 50 to apply to a purchase. During the purchase process, you will be able to sign into your account and apply your Super Points to your purchase.


    In perusing this site myself, I found it to be very interesting. Prices are reasonable and they have a vast amount of products to browse through. This site could be useful to many with the Holiday season on its way. Just make sure you leave enough time for shipping, because after all, it ships from Japan!

    Add Rakuten Point Club to your UsingMiles dashboard now to track all of your Super Points!

    Happy Halloween everyone! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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