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    Thanksgiving day is tomorrow! For most of us this means a beautiful golden brown turkey in the middle of a table surrounded by family and friends. This time of year not only promises eating, drinking, and time with family but also more trips to the grocery store. Accommodating family and friends from near and far this holiday season can benefit you and your wallet more than you think. Lets recap these grocery store loyalty programs to make sure you maximize the points you earn towards fuel points so you can save while you shop!

    UsingMiles allows you to track 18 grocery loyalty programs. This is especially important when you consider how often you grocery shop and how often you fill up at the pump. Both of these are done very regularly throughout the holidays. To not track your grocery programs is risky because who would want to lose all those points that result in discounted gas? With expiration alerts for all fuel points, it is easy to manage and never let those points expire again. Save money at the pump for all the holiday travel by car this Thanksgiving!

    As most of us already know or not, the Kroger Corporation owes numerous grocery chains. Which grocery store do you shop at? Most likely it falls under Kroger but possess a different name depending on where you live in the country. Even though the chain names may vary, the Kroger Rewards program is universal among all chains. Stores within the Kroger Corporation include, Kroger, City Market, King Soopers, and many more. Click here to see the entire list. Okay, enough about that. Lets get to this rewards program.


    Not only does the Kroger rewards program allow you to save on gasoline, it also enables you to make your grocery list, get local specials, weekly coupons and more. Obviously, the big highlight of this program is the fuel program. It’s simple, for every dollar you spent you get a point, these points add up and save you money on gasoline. As a member, you will also receive notifications on other ways to rack up points, such as a prescription filled from the in-store pharmacy earns 50 points.

    Let us not forget about Safeway and Stop and Shop! These grocery store, also offers great incentives for doing your shopping there. Members of the Safeway rewards program receive one points per every dollar spent on groceries and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, members can earn up to 4x the points when they make gift card purchases. All of these trips to the store really add up, benefitting your wallet and car (for gas that is!) 100 points earns you 10 cents off each gallon, 200 points earns you 20 cents off each gallon, 500 points earns you 50 cents off each gallon, and 2000 points earns you 2 dollars off each gallon!

    Stop and Shop has partnered with Shell to offer customers points toward fuel. Much like the other programs, this program lets you earn one point per dollar spent. Then for every 100 points you earn, you receive 10 cents off at a participating Shell station. Weekly specials, cash back for A+ schools, and more savings all apply to members of this program as well.

    With the holiday season starting tomorrow (ahhh the land of football and turkey) there is no better time than now to start tracking your grocery programs and saving, today!

    We here at UsingMiles, wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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