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    Launching today, BradsDeals will officially become among the many loyalty programs we track rewards for! BradsBucks serve as the local currency of the site. With BradsBucks you earn and work your way up to BradsBucks Legend Status! Because it is such an exciting day here at UsingMiles.com and BradsDeals, we thought what better time to feature them for our spotlight!

    With 4.5MM visitors monthly, this deal site appeals to all markets and all people. Offering 8,772 coupons and 867 handpicked deals for 2,522 stores, customers are sure to find what they are looking for. BradsDeals specializes in finding and filtering online shopping deals, online coupons and codes, and in-store printable coupons. Let’s take a look into the details of BradsBucks Rewards so we all can start earning.

    Just for signing up on BradsDeals, you will be awarded 40 BradsBucks. You can also earn BradsBucks through badges. These badges include completing missions on BradsDeals.com. As already stated, sign up gets you a badge, following BradsDeals on Twitter and liking BradsDeals on Facebooks earn you a badge, refer a friend, and so on! You can look on the Facebook page to see which missions you need to complete and badges you can still earn.

    There are levels in the land of BradsBucks and you want to work your way toward Legend Status, but before you become a Legend you must work your way through each level, listed here:
    1. Little Deal
    2. Big Deal
    3. Bigger Deal
    4. Huge Deal
    5. Legend

    You can watch yourself jump from level to level on the Dealerboard. This is where you show off your skills. The more BradsBucks you earn, the higher you climb on the Dealerboard. The higher you climb on the Dealerboard, the more prizes you earn! You can even see how far you are behind the #1 BradsBucks earner and attempt to end their reign!

    Check out the website to see the “handpicked” deals published by BradsDeals. The site prides itself on only picking the best deals based on very high standards. They only post deals that they would recommend to their friends and family, so we, the customers, can feel confident in doing the same!
    So there you have it deal seekers! Get out there and complete your missions, gain badges, and watch yourself move up on the Dealerboard to win prizes with BradsDeals! Be sure to add BradsDeals to your UsingMiles dashboard, and start tracking your BradsBucks today!

    P.S. For a limited time you can get a FREE Premier Membership on BradsDeals today! Enjoy and share with friends!
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