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    Belly is a free universal loyalty card aimed to make the loyalty world innovative and convenient. Belly creates digital loyalty programs for small to medium businesses. Belly has a goal of eliminating the wallet clutter created by numerous paper punch cards, loyalty cards, and key ring cards to consolidate the loyalty world. With a “one card fits all” plan of action, a Belly card will replace all the rest. You can even download the mobile app so you can always track your rewards and locate places to “belly” while you are out and about from your phone.

    Customers who use Belly simply scan their actual Belly card or use the mobile app on the iPad at the merchant’s store. Instantly upon scanning and checking in, the customer will see how many points they have earned. The iPad will also display the rewards customers can choose from once they have enough points.


    The rewards gained from using your Belly card can be of monetary value or not. Some quirky but fun rewards include a sandwich named after you at your favorite sandwich shop or the ability to punch a comic book store owner in the stomach (not kidding, this really is a reward). These unique but fun rewards options encourage increased customer retention. Because the rewards are easy to earn, use, an offer a splash of fun, Belly makes is worthwhile to revisit your favorite places.

    Small to medium business owners can register their business on the website, and for a small subscription, they can participate in the Belly loyalty program. Belly will even offer the business owners analytics and other useful data to examine customer retention. There is no restriction the type of store when using Belly. They offer cupcakes stores, hair salons, comic book stores, and many more all for which the Belly card will reward you.

    This check in process takes it one step further by offering points and in turn rewards by just scanning in at the location. To find a list of locations near you that offer the Belly program, check out the website.


    This unique and innovative form of a universal loyalty card is changing the face of the loyalty program industry. No longer do consumers need to fear packed wallets of useless punch cards that never actually offer any value to customers. With a new face (or should I say ‘belly”) to the loyalty world, it will be interesting to see how many businesses start to revamp their loyalty programs.

    Be sure to keep track of all your Belly points on your UsingMiles dashboard. This program is coming soon but be sure to add your credentials so once it is up and running, your points will appear in your dashboard!
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