Loyalty Credit Card Points Make Your Spending Worthwhile

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    It is common today for credit card companies to entice you into becoming their cardholder by offering you a variety of rewards. Hotels, airfare, shopping, and even cash back are all frequent benefit packages that may be redeemed for credit card points.

    Not surprisingly, the reward credit card industry is booming. According to Business Pundit, the notion of the loyalty credit card is not new. In fact, they have been around for decades, but they were only offered up to the clients with the highest credit. Today’s credit card market has made their reward programs open to all credit ratings. In fact, today’s credit card statistics demonstrate that 60% of credit card consumers carry a loyalty card. Today’s card carriers are in fact using rewards packages as the second deciding factor in choosing a credit card company (that’s behind no annual fee, but in front of a low interest rate).

    So, how can you get in on the action by maximizing credit card rewards? Here are a few help hints:
    1. Choose a card that offers rewards for places you already frequent.
    2. Know if and when your points expire.
    3. Make sure the fees and interest rates do not exceed the rewards they are giving to you.
    4. Sign up for credit cards that offer you bonus points for choosing them.
    5. Find a card that offers you a variety of rewards (air, hotel, gift certificates, and cash back). If one doesn’t offer them all, then perhaps diversify with the cards that will offer you the rewards you would most use.
    6. If you enroll in a new card, don’t close your old accounts because you may negatively affect your credit score.
    7. Shop around for the credit card that really fits your lifestyle.

    Carrying the rewards credit card that best fits your needs is essential, but it’s also paramount to use your bonuses. Yes, you are thinking, “Of course I’ll use my rewards, why wouldn’t I?” You might be surprised to find that of the $48 billion estimated in loyalty points each year in the US, there is a staggering $16 billion that expire. Life is busy, time flies, and before you know it those points you were so eagerly saving are gone. The sheer volume of cards that the average American carries today is also an obstacle. How are you supposed to keep track of which card’s points are good forever and which expire at midnight?

    It’s simpler than you might guess. We at UsingMiles appreciate the frustration that arises from expired points. That’s why we have created a system to “store” your points along with their expiration dates. We provide you the forum to view all of your points quickly and easily. Please contact us today to avoid ever losing another point again.
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