Loyalty 360 Executive Insight Series LoyaltyMatch interview

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  1. In a Q&A with Loyalty 360 Brad Ball shares his perspective on the state of marketing today, and the impact emerging technologies will have to influence customer engagement and loyalty.

    Loyalty 360 believes that this is best time to be a CMO, yet also the most challenging time to be a CMO? Do you agree? Why or why not? What advice could you give a new CMO in today’s environment?
    Brad Ball: Today’s CMO is faced with more marketing and communications options than ever before as well as greater responsibility to justify the activities of marketing initiatives with proven ROMI (return on marketing investments). The biggest areas where CMOs need to focus are in the areas of social media and marketing analytics.
    The “cauldron call” for today’s marketing strategist is engagement. How do you define engagement? What key step can best drive audience engagement today?
    Ball: Engagement helps influence customer purchases by turning browsers into shoppers, shoppers into buyers and eventually buyers into loyalists. A key step is to collect and update a consumer’s actions in real time by providing marketing teams the tools and data needed to provide their customers with options that could influence what they buy.
    What new/trending technology do you believe has the best ability to evoke the senses to shape and steer meaningful and desired experiences for products and brands?
    Ball: I believe the advent of gaming and its impact on loyalty is a new trend that will affect the consumers experience with a brand or product. Loyalty and engagement platforms like LoyaltyMatch OnDemand will make it easy for brands to increase user loyalty and engagement holistically across social, web, mobile, instore, and machine experiences.
    What emerging technology do you believe will have the greatest impact in helping drive more effective engagement and therefore better marketing outcomes?
    Ball: Gaming and loyalty platforms will have a tremendous impact on driving engagement in the near and long terms.
    Complete article is found here: http://loyalty360.org/loyalty-management/july-2012-online-issue/executive-insights-brad-ball-loyaltymatch-inc


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