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    I'm looking for a bit of advice from those of you that are wiser in the ways of credit cards.

    I currently have a Premier Rewards Gold that I do 95% of all my purchases. I typically spend $2k - $4k monthly. I also have a Marriott Premiere Visa but only use that when I am at those properties.

    I have been considering getting another card to augment my restaurant spend.

    • 3 points for each dollar spent at restaurants, office supply stores and with wireless service providers
    • 2 points for each dollar spent at Lowe's
    • 1 point for each dollar spent everywhere else
    • No annual fee
    The Lowe's card seems like a natural choice to compliment my PRG as I also spend a fair amount of disposable income at Lowe's.
    Thoughts and comments appreciated.
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    3 points for each dollar spent at restaurants, would work for me instead of the 3 points on airfare PRG gives. My company usually pays my airfare directly but Restaurants. I eat out a lot, that would be awesome. I really have no experience with this card but will be looking into now.

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