Lounges coming and going in NYC

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    Lots of activity in the New York City airline lounge space in recent weeks, nearly all of it good news for passengers. Two new lounges have opened, one at LaGuardia and one at Newark, and another is on the horizon.
    First up, at Newark, Porter Air has opened their first lounge in the United States and the third in their system. Unique to Porter is that the lounge is open to all ticketed passengers; access is included in the ticket price. And while the lounge doesn’t include free booze it does offer free wifi, cookies and non-alcoholic beverages including Starbucks coffee. The seating area is also rather pleasant and much more lounge-like than the typical Newark gate area. The wifi was a bit spotty when I dropped by to check out the facility but they were working on it at the time; hopefully it gets better soon. Adding to the convenience factor of the lounge is its location, directly adjacent to the gates Porter operates from at Newark.
    Next up, Delta has opened a new lounge in Terminal C at LaGuardia. The lounge replaces one of the US Airways lounges in that terminal and allows Delta customers access to a lounge in that terminal, something which was not previously available since they expanded operations there earlier this year.
    Also at LaGuardia, the former Eastern Ionosphere club, currently operating as the United Club by the A pier of the central terminal, will be closing next Friday. United will be consolidating their club operations to the former Red Carpet Club closer to the C pier of that terminal. The lounge won’t be closed for long, however. Air Canada will be taking over the space and opening a Maple Leaf Lounge at LaGuardia on September 24th. As an added bonus, Air Canada will actually be updating the lounge to match their typical brand standards in the coming months. That should be a major upgrade for the space.
    Details on all these lounges (and more photos of the Porter Air one) can be found Lounge Guide section of Wandering Aramean Travel Tools.

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