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    They should call it the find and keep department. I left a laptop on the plane. It was between the seat and the wall of the plane. It was totally out of site of anyone walking by.

    I went to the ticket counter which remained unattended for 10 minutes. When someone showed up the attendant seemed irritated, but finally called the gate where the plane still sat. She said they would check when they had time. I told them specifically where it was at. 10 minutes later they called back and said they did not see it. I told the attendant they needed to look again. It was not that it was maybe on the plane, it was definitely on the plane. I was told I needed to call lost and found Monday.

    I called and no call back. Sent a complaint and was told the procedure. The procedure is to call every city that plane went to the rest of the day and if they have it they will call you back. My business card with all contact info was taped to the laptop. No one ever called.

    It's amazing. They practically stole it. Anyone else have a similar experience? I lost a years worth of work.
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    You assume that an AA employee or contractor stole it. How do you know it wasn't another passenger?

    No backup available back home?
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    Isn't this what dropbox (and other cloud stuff) is for? Hard way to learn the lesson.
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    I once left my MacBook Pro in a hotel room in Medellin, Colombia and didn't discover it until I was at the airport. They were holding it at the front desk for me when I called. Compare that to AA who "lost" (failed to find?) my heavy coat which I forgot to take out of the overhead at MIA. Or the Bose/iPod case I once left behind in my seat at DFW.

    Fortunately, it's very rare that I leave anything on a plane. Of the few times I have, however, AA has never recovered it. Oddly enough, I have twice left things of value on planes in Colombia, and both times they have been locked up in security without my even having to ask.

    This is a sad, but real commentary on what is happening within our culture. Whether it's theft or apathy, both seem to be increasingly common in general.
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