Loss of SPG Points with canceled Amex?

Discussion in 'American Express | Membership Rewards' started by NorthtoAlaskaa, May 3, 2013.

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    Last year I got two SPG Amex cards, personal and business. I received a bunch of SPG points that have since turned into miles with AS.

    I continue to use the personal card but want to cancel the business card. Since I still use the personal card I still get SPG points.

    I'm wondering if I cancel the business card is there any chance that they would take points from SPG? Has anyone heard of that kind of thing happening?

    Also, any strategies for what to say when canceling the card to minimize any action by Amex or SPG?

    Thanks so much.

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    I've never heard of AmEx rescinding SPG points for closing an account. But it's best to keep your account open for a reasonable period of time, e.g. 6+ months after receiving the points.
    Whenever I want to close an account with minimum explanation and interaction, I send my request online through a secure message. A clear one or two sentence request will do the job.
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