Losing TSA Pre-Check when losing preferred status?

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    My wife is currently opted-in to the TSA Pre-Check program, as she's been Gold on US Airways for the past several years. However, she's going to lose her status next week as a result of not flying much last year--will she also "lose" Pre-Check? Or since she's already in the program, will that carry forward despite losing the status?

    Would love to know if anyone has any experience with this or any thoughts, thanks!

    * I'll add the caveat that I know we need to get her Global Entry and then this will be a moot point, but we haven't gotten around to it yet and she has a few flights booked between the time she loses her status and the earliest possible time she could get GE, so I'm wondering what her "status" will be in the in-between.
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    No sweat as long as she maintains her US account after she loses status. Who can participate in TSA Pre™?

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