Looking for stories about point transfers gone bad

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Miles/Points' started by OverThereTooMuch, Aug 23, 2012.

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    I'm transferring some points from VS to Hilton. It's taking longer than I expected, which is causing me some trip planning anxiety (entirely of my own making :p).

    To show me it could be worse, I'd like to hear your stories of points transfers that have been way harder than they should've been.
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    The first time I transferred Hawaiian miles to Hilton was aggravating. It took so long we ended up paying for our stay. After my initial call, I didn't realize I needed to speak with the HA Marketing dept. They took my miles and waited for me to confirm the transfer. Assuming the wheels were in motion I waited. Weeks went by and then I called looking for my miles. Turns out they created a new Hilton account for me. Many emails and phone calls later, the transfer/consolidation finally went through. My wife said she wanted no part of that headache. So I transferred her HA miles to my account and 10 days later they were in my Hilton account. Initial stress, but HA and Hilton have treated us well.
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