Looking for help finding FC ticket to Tokyo

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    Hi all,
    I have 500k Amex MR points at my disposal and looking for some help on finding the best (points wise and slight consideration to the actual FC cabin) 2 FC tickets for a direct NYC > TYO at the end of June (dates flexible). From what I've gathered, ANA may be my only option, but playing around on their site, all FC award tickets are waitlisted and I would prefer something guaranteed. Has anyone dealt with ANA's waitlist.. Was the ticket eventually granted? Any advice, tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated.
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    Not true., since JAL availability can be had through Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, British Airways and Iberia Avios, and Emirates; all four airlines are AMEX transfer partners as well as JAL partners. Each program has plusses and minuses and should be examined for the best possible value (Avios flights can sometimes have substantial fuel surcharges that must be paid in cash, for instance).

    That being said, your desire to fly a nonstop (I assume that is what you mean by "direct", though a "direct" flight can also have an intermediate stop) at a date that is not too far in the future may impede your search. It eliminates excellent options such as Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airline and Cathay Pacific which offer outstanding first class products, but would add additional time to your journey. When it comes to award travel, limiting your options can sometimes lead to availability problems (as you are finding in your ANA search).

    It might be a wise idea to use an award booking service if you don't wish to spend the time familiarizing yourself with the options and pros and cons of each program and/or routing.
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