looking for advice: return car to Rome train terminal or FCO and Last night hotel?

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by cotter77, Aug 1, 2011.

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    I am planning for my september trip to tuscany.
    the villa in tuscany is all set
    we are driving from Rome.
    on saturday checkout, 3 of us will drive back to rome for our sunday departure. My biggest goal is to still enjoy saturday evening somewhere in/around rome, and not be cooped up at some airport hotel. I wish i could score another SPG stay, but the SPG hotels in Downtown rome are big bucks. there are 2 affordable SPG hotels halfway to FCO
    should I:
    a) get a non-SPG hotel room in Rome and return car to train terminal, then cab it to FCO sunday morning
    b) return car to FCO, stay at SPG hotel closest to hotel and count on the hotel city shuttle bus to cart us into some nightlife before crashing back out at the hotel halfway to FCO?
    c) return car to train station and schlep our luggage with us to our last glorious roman dinner in downtown before cabing/bussing to a hotel halfway to FCO
    d) shutup and just go sleep at airport hotel, eat their bad overpriced food and lay by a smelly pool if they have one
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    I recommend against driving in Rome at all costs. I'm doing similar this fall, renting in Rome and driving to Tuscany, and there's no way I'd want to drop a car in the city center on the return, even though I've driven in Italy several times.

    My recommendation would be to drop the car at FCO and either:

    1) Stay at an airport hotel and take the train from FCO to Termini Station for your dinner and evening enjoyment
    2) Take the train to a non-SPG Rome hotel and back to FCO the next day
    3) Consider a car service like Rome Cabs rather than a taxi. Often about the same cost and so much more comfortable and worry-free.
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    I spent one night at an FCO hotel which was quite nice (VDB lodging) and ate dinner that evening at a restaurant nearby that was fairly-priced and very good. It gets quiet out that way at night, but there are some interesting places.

    Rather than going into Rome for the evening I would head to the coast (a much quicker/easier train or cheap cab) and eat at one of the restaurants in Lido di Ostia. If you're there early enough the ruins at Ostia Antica are an interesting way to spend a few hours.

    If you really, really want to go into Rome for the evening make sure to double-check the train schedules and ask about the trains at the front desk. Or just stay in Rome that night. You could take the train in from FCO, but I would recommend a taxi/car service in the morning.

    If you're looking for a good, clean, inexpensive, centrally located hotel in Rome PM me and I'll give you the details of where I've stayed on non-award nights.

    Sounds like a fun trip!!
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    Instead of doing either Rome or an airport hotel, I would find a nice hotel with a good restaurant in a small village or a more rural area for the last night that's an easy drive to the airport. IIRC there's a quite expensive R & C property that would fulfill these criteria, but there should be some cheaper alternatives too. Consider not only distance but also likely traffic jams for the morning (try to avoid driving toward Rome during rush hour, for instance) and ease of navigation. Start with the Michelin red book for some ideas.

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