Looking for a new backpack.

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    I'm going on a two week trip to Europe next month and I'm looking for a new pack.
    I currently have two LowPro bags that I use, Fastpack and Mini Trekker, but I'm getting tired of taking both with me.This trip we are going to sending a lot more time on the move and I'm ditching the SLR. To save time and hassle I'm looking to consolidate everything into one bag. My budget is less the $150 and if possible id like to keep to be able to carry on.

    So far I really like the "High Sierra 26" Railpass Travel Pack"
    From the comments its seems like it will work for carry on if I remove the day pack. But I'm a little concerned that it might be a little small.

    Next on my list is the "High Sierra 29" Compass Travel Pack"
    I know this one wont work for carry on but it's ~1,000 ci bigger and is only $10 more then the Railpass.

    Last on my list is the "Caribee Akula 65 Travel Backpack"
    Very big and has lost of options, but is at the very top end of my budget.

    Any info on any of these or other packs would be very helpful.
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    You know... I may be old-fashioned, but for purchases like this I generally like to touch and feel the item before I am buying. Pictures and online reviews are great for getting a feel for what's out there, but it doesn't beat holding it in my own hands, opening it up, putting it on my back, etc. I'd probably head to my local REI store. Sure, I will end up paying sales tax for the purchase, but I also happen to believe that services such as fire fighters, police, ... are useful and don't usually fund themselves.

    Thanks for your post, though. I have been meaning to look for a pack as an alternative for my rollaboards for trips that require more mobility. I really should go check some out.
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    I tend to angle for 30ltr backpacks when travelling, and after this weekend, I can update my experiences a bit more.

    Bear in mind in Mileage Run mode, it has to carry clothes as well as my camera (1 x DSLR, 4 x lenses) and computer equipment. I wrote a piece on GhettoIFE ( http://www.ghettoife.com/2011/09/trying-to-find-perfect-backpack.html ) about my thoughts on bags.

    - The Karrimor 30Ltr Urban is a pile of crap. Whilst the laptop pocket is ok, stitching was weak as hell. If you're shoving a ton of cargo in it, avoid. If you're just carrying a laptop, and a few bits, it might do the job ok. Just don't overstretch it.
    - The Antler Ubranite II - Suprisingly roomy after my initial dissing of it. However, pretty awful as the stitching fell apart on one of the pockets on the first trip. Not overly impressed.
    - And what I'm using after this trip: An Etnies Transport backpack - my initial fears over the single zip at the back of the backpack were overcome quickly (as that was the document/laptop pocket) and it can carry one heck of a lot. It also has a pocket at the bottom of the rucksack if you're needing to take clothes and shoes.

    Those are my experiences anyway - hope they help!
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    I just bought a new backpack that I really like. It's the Ogio one. Loads of pockets and plenty of room. Cost was $96 at Office Depot and then I had a $20 off coupon. I've been happy with it; seems sturdy, not really extra weight, and protects my electronics rather well.

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