Lonely Planet: Sports In Unlikely Places

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    In the spirit of the Olympics I thought that a sports related article from Lonely Planet was worth sharing.
    I am a big sports fan, especially baseball. (Let's Go Mets!) I also enjoy checking out sports in foreign countries.
    Some sporting matches that I have attended are:
    • Football (soccer) in Scotland and Latvia
    • Aussie Rules Football in Australia
    • Rugby in New Zealand
    • Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand
    In December 2011 LP had an article online called "Sports In Unlikely Places".
    The sports and places mentioned were:
    • Ice hockey in Turkey
    • Curling in Arizona
    • Skiing in Iran
    • Baseball in Uganda
    • Dog sledding in Jamaica
    The article reminded me of a time that I experienced a sport in an unlikely place. I never had the opportunity to go skiing as a kid. As I got older I had pretty much lost interest. However, when I heard that you could go skiing in Dubai I had to give it a try. (I am not sure most people would really call the tiny slope skiing). The ski slope is inside a massive mall and you can actually see the odd shape of the slope from the outside.

    On that note, check out the full Lonely Planet article HERE

    Originally posted on my blog HERE
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    Thanks for reminding us! Interesting share!:)
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