London hotel prices falling as Olympics proceed. . .

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    I had an interesting e-mail today from my Welsh friend, whose wife had commandeered him to go with her to England for a day watching horses in Dressage competition. He described at as "watching paint dry," but still said he had a most enjoyable day. He is a radio producer for BBC, so by definition is obsessed with logistics and detail, and after a day at Dressage, he was absolutely glowing in his praise for the Olympics "organisation," as he put it, as well as for the courtesy and knowledge of the volunteers and the training they had obviously been given. This was nice to hear.

    Anyway, we had been teasing him for his thriftiness in their staying well west of London at a low-end Travelodge the night before the competition, and then taking the train into the competition for 10 pounds each (a special fare intended to keep people off the London-area motorways during the Games).

    Here is his response just now about the Travelodge. I was struck more by the comment that followed, about 4-star Docklands hotels in London having to cut prices at the last minute to fill beds. Don't remember all the details, but it seems I have heard similar Olympics comments before, like maybe out of Los Angeles in 1984. Anyway, here is what my Welsh friend wrote today:

    "The Reading Travelodge was perfectly acceptable for £29 and a reduced rate of £10 for 24 hours of parking at a nearby multi-storey. However, I know friends from Tenby who had planned to stay with family in London, but opted a week before their days there to stay in a 4 star hotel in trendy Docklands for only £90 per night. Hotel prices have dropped substantially."
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    Demand vs. Supply!;)

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