London hotel gives staff Google Glass masterclass

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    A luxury hotel in London is using Google Glass as a way to help people working there advise guests.
    The Montcalm London Marble Arch claims to be the capital's first hotel to provide staff with training in the recently released product.

    The guest experience managers at the five-star venue have been trained up in the new tool.

    One of them, Janine Mallia, explained: "It's been a really good experience learning how to use this new technology. It's fun to use and by having so much information literally right in front of our eyes, we will be able to offer our guests an even better service."

    Staff will use the devices to provide advice to hotel visitors about places to eat, travel plans, things to do, shopping and directions.
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    On the colbert report today he talked about how wearing google glasses basically tells the world that you are a "douche"... I'm not convinced that is what it actually means but if you stated it meant you are "geeky", "into tech", "google fangirl", or "have money to burn" I could buy into those descriptions.
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    I have Glass but I barely use them. The problem is that there are only a few circumstances where they actually come in handy, and most of the time some other type of "less conspicuous wearable" is more appropriate -- such as a smart watch, which I also own.

    Other times the apps available are nowhere near as useful as their phone / watch counterparts, with the exception of TripIt and perhaps Field Trip.

    It's awesome technology, but with very limited use cases. For now.
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    I had the invitation code last year and I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on them. The seem like a lot of fun to tinker with, but like @viguera said, it doesn't seem as efficient or useful as the phone or watch versions.

    That said, it's cool to see it being integrated into travel and outside of geekdom. Maybe hotels are trying to get the front desk people to engage more with the customer instead of staring down at a computer when you get there.
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    but I'd give up eye contact for better information !
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