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    If you're in London and looking for something different, Archipelago is a fun experience. Located not far from the Notting Hill area with plenty of train stations nearby, the restaurant offers an intimate (think small and dark) setting and a wildly varying cuisine:

    I had the chicken while chastising one of my guests for eating alpaca (they're cute, okay?), but it was an experience that sticks with me. The canapes are to die for, but expect additional charges. The canapes are brought to you, but they will later appear on your bill in addition to a 'charity donation'. Average cost for a party of four is in the 200+ range (pounds, not US dollars, so around $311 USD).

    Here is a link to their website: Archipelago
    (I didn't see links were restricted when I skimmed the rules, but mods feel free to remove and whack me if I have made an indiscretion)

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