Local Navy family's dog stranded: Airline says dog's kennel was too big to load on plane

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    || Local Navy family's dog stranded: Airline says dog's kennel was too big to load on plane ||

    AA....what's next? :confused:
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    "Gromer said the kennel he brought to the airport was large because guidelines on the airline's website suggest that the dog have enough room in the crate to be comfortable. He said he was just trying to comply."

    The AA website does list the maximum size.


    Checked Pet Carrier Guidelines
    The maximum size for checked kennels is a series 500 kennel with the following dimensions: 40" long x 27" wide x 30" high.

    So was the kennel too big or not? I guess it wasn't part of the journalistic duty to ask that question.
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    I hate to sound harsh because it really stinks that the dog was left behind, buuuutt... Seems like if he found the relevant page on the airline's website to see the suggestion that "the dog have enough room . . . to be comfortable" that he also should have seen the maximum dimensions for the crate.

    I'd also like to note two other parts of the AA page you linked:

    1) "Kennels must . . . NOT exceed 100 lbs. when the weight of the pet, the kennel and its contents are combined." Their dog looks like it is at least a 70 lb dog, based on the photos and video. A 500 series crate weighs a little under 30 lbs, and might exceed that when you add bowls, pads, etc. They're really pushing the weight limit with that dog too.

    2) It's hard to tell breed or breed mix, but the general shape of the dog also likely runs afoul of this: "American Airlines will not accept brachycephalic or snub-nosed dogs and cats as checked luggage. The following is a list of brachycephalic dog breeds and any "mix" of will not be accepted:
    • Affenpinscher
    • Bulldog (All breeds)
    • Lhasa Apso
    • Pug (All breeds)
    • Cane Corso
    • Mastiff (All breeds)
    • Shar Pei
    • Boston Terrier
    • Dogue De Bordeaux
    • Pekingese
    • Shih Tzu
    • Boxer (All breeds)
    • English Toy Spaniel
    • Pit Bull
    • Tibetan Spaniel
    • Brussels Griffon
    • Japanese Chin
    • Presa Canario

    To be clear on #2, I am not a fan of most breed restrictions because they are often based on misconceptions about the breed. However, this breed restriction legitimately appears to be based on a physical issue--brachycephalis--that could actually lead to different safety concerns at altitude, rather than on poor understanding of temperament. And there's a list of restricted brachycephalic cat breeds as well.
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