Answered: Live chat giveaways - how do they work?

Discussion in 'Feedback/Support/Suggestions' started by swag, Jun 21, 2012.

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    I asked this in the Suzanne Rubin chat thread, after the chat was over, but no answers yet. It occurs to me it's probably better to ask here instead.

    How do the mid-chat giveaways work? (AA was giving away 10K miles four times during that chat). I was on the live chat, but didn't see any way to explicitly enter. I was thinking during the chat that just being logged into MP and watching the chat was enough to have my name in the hopper, but when the winners were announced, they seemed to know more about them than would be evident just from the MP profile.
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    Good question Swag and we apologize for the confusion.

    What we have been doing is adding anyone who has submitted a comment or question into the drawing. That could eventually change at some point in time, but for now that's how we go about it. We hope to be a bit more clear on that point in the future.

    Next time we have a giveaway, make sure to get in those questions/comments! :cool:

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    thanks for the question. fairly easy. We can see everyone who is attending the chat in a sidebar. When we chose the winners, it is a random scroll down that list of whomever is on at that moment and click on a name. The technology we use to host our live chats also contains a live private messaging system and once we click on a winner we send them a quick instant message and do an exchange of information such as their real name and AAdvantage number so we can pass along to AA as well as the usual back and forth of "idle chat". We have no real way of knowing who is behind that names online as some register a name other than their MP user name and that's OK and others simply are visiting from other places on the Internet including AAdvantage members who might have come by the chat because AAdvantage told them about it but they were not members of Milepoint.

    Anyway, no real secrets or "inside" stuff. In fact, of the winners, I'm not sure I've ever met any of them, though one of them might have been on one of the MegaDO's. We're pretty pleased with the turn out and the fact that AAdvantage stepped up with the miles. We used this same approach with our last chat when we gave away the new book by Kip Hawley formerly of the TSA.

    As for a way to explicitly enter? We prided ourselves in making it easy, just being online for the chat was your entry. No fuss, no muss, no registration, just come to watch questions and/or ask questions and you were entered. In fact, you would have been eligible just by asking questions (Hey, what is any chat unless there are questions?) and in fact, one of the four winners came from the online question queue that we used to help AAdvantage prepare for the evening's chat. And I'm not even sure if that particular winner's question was actually answered (which is not a requirement anyway).

    So, I hope this explains it a little better and you'll appreciate just how hard we are trying to make Milepoint not only the place where frequent flyers meet, but also the place where things are easy to participate in.

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