Linking 2 different PNRs for upgrades

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  1. My wife & I will be flying together to ORD, but she will be flying back from ORD while I'll be flying back from CVG. So, we'll have 2 different PNRs (I looked at booking one-ways, but the prices were crazy!).

    Main question is, can I call AA & have them link the PNRs so I can submit an upgrade request for her too? I've read conflicting information so thought I'd see if anyone knew before I called to try to do it.
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    I've had no problem linking PNR's for a single leg of two diffferent multi leg itineraries, but I very much doubt the linkage would allow you to upgrade her on the departure from ORD. I stand to be corrected though...
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    I've called the EP desk a few times before and had PNRs linked, however, it is hit or miss to get the upgrades processed at the same time (it usually happens just a few hours before or at the gate). It usually takes a savvy gate agent to realize, "hey these two people need to sit together."

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