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    "Link-forums" are a method used in the XenForo forum software to provide links from the forums to their corresponding wiki pages. These currently exist for at least the Hyatt, Starwood, Air Canada, American, and United forums/wikis.

    A request has been made to add such a link between the Kiva forum and wiki. Seems like a good idea, and I suspect that there are others. If the Admins are in agreement to roll this feature out to additional forums/wikis, I'm sure that the members here could compile a list of the desired links.

    Additionally, here's my opinion of the format in which these links display:
    1. In general, I like this feature as long as there are not too many per forum. I don't really understand why there are two under Air Canada, though.
    2. Would it be possible to give permissions to the Guides to be able to enable/disable this feature in the forums where they make sense? (I suspect that it is not practical to do so, but I'm not certain.)
    3. When I view a forum category such as Airline Programs, I see the list of forums and any forum-links. The forum-links also appear in the sub-forums menus. I would prefer them only appearing as "sub-forums" since I think that they clutter up the category list. Is it an option to remove them from the category list? Or if there's a good reason for including them in the category lists, maybe could they be formatted a little bit differently in the category list -- perhaps indented? Or would any such changes negatively impact the milepoint Apps?

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