Limit of 5 pictures per post.

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    I just posted this:

    I happened to include 6 pictures in first-draft. Upon attempting to "Create Thread" I got a pop-up error saying "the limit is 5 per post". When I removed the 6th, hit "Preview...", then "Create...", I got the same pop-up again.

    I removed the 5th picture, leaving 4, hit Preview, then Create, and the thread was accepted. I hit "Edit", added a 5th back, and the change was accepted.

    In the above, there may be a bug.

    Beyond that, is the limit of 5 pictures per post something we can discuss?

    I had to drop this tasty pic :p

    Thank you, developers (and Randy), for your work!
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    it just may be a bug and we do want to look at every members experience with the technology. This will be put on our bug report. Thank you.

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