Lightning Reviews: Johannesburg, King of Prussia, San Antonio

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    (tl;dr - super, good, bad)

    Hyatt Regency Johannesburg:

    30 minute Uber ride (which for Americans, literally costs less than $10 since the SA Rand is so weak) from the airport. In a semi-residential neighborhood. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL property for a stand-alone hotel. Elegantly decorated. Some small but really tasteful touches in the room decor. Big room, huge bathroom (for a non-suite). Had room service dinner and it was prompt and tasty. Two very big thumbs up for one of the best Hyatts (not just HRs) that I've been to.

    Hyatt House, King of Prussia:

    Hard to get to - Siri was fooled by Mall Blvd in KoP and sent me a very wrong way. Second time staying at this property this year. Typical Hyatt House attitude by the front desk staff: cheery and helpful and consistently good. Rooms are clean. Bathroom is spartan, as is the norm for HHs. All-in-all a totally typical Hyatt House, which is a compliment.

    Grand Hyatt, San Antonio:

    This property is pretty tired. The lobby was big and airy and looked fairly nice. But the hallways (on the 6th floor, at least) we very old and dated and stinky. The very first room off the elevator is a suite that has no room number and a broken down wood door. I stayed in a three room suite. The living room was gigantic, but looked like they had chosen $5 furniture from a college furniture store. There were no flowers or any accoutrements anywhere in the living room. Just brown, dull furniture with no color and no life. TV was actually new and the picture was super sharp, which was nice since I watched the Super Bowl in my room. Shower temperature knob was falling off. Next time I go, I'll try the HR San Antonio instead, as the GH isn't worth the price, in my opinion.
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    I think the HR San Antonio is just fine. Between the two, I'd choose whichever had the best rates.

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    Thanks for the reviews... The IHG property is my go-to place when I go to the mall at King of Prussia, but I might have to give the Hyatt a try now and see.

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