Lightning Reviews: Jakarta, Seattle, London, Boulder

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    Grand Hyatt Jakarta

    One of the best parts of Hyatt is getting to stay at the Grand Hyatts throughout Asia. Whether it's Erawan or Tokyo or my personal favorite, Kuala Lumpur, the GHs in Asia are truly Grand and are, for my money, some of the best properties in the entire chain. Unfortunately, GH Jakarta doesn't live up to that expectation.

    GH Jakarta is a perfectly fine GH. The lobby is tremendous, the elevators are plentiful and fast, and the floors are laid out to maximize quietness. The rooms are ok. I stayed in a suite and it was pretty spartan and pretty dated compared to what I expected. The highlight was the gigantic bathroom which was great for two people.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with GH Jakarta, and I will stay there every time I go to Jakarta. But if you go, don't expect the splendor and "clean lines" you get at other Asian GHs.

    [Quick edit: I gave a shout out to the in-room dining staff when I checked out. They do a really good job, which is thankfully typical for GHs.]

    Grand Hyatt Seattle

    I counted, and I've taken 84 round trips to Seattle in the last 2.5 years. The vast majority of those stays were in what I consider my "home hotel" - the HR Bellevue. I recently stayed at GH Seattle for the first time.

    Oh my. Ohhhh my.

    My Milepoint friend @snod08 calls GH Seattle his favorite in the chain. Now I understand why. Talk about "clean lines". Wow. Every touch of decor in this hotel looks perfect. I stayed in a standard double room - bottom of the barrel room. It was fantastic. I can't imagine what the suites are like, though my friend @Pizzaman raves about the suite he stayed in there.

    Truly great hotel - a kind of hotel rarely found in a large chain in America, in my opinion.

    Andaz Liverpool Street, London

    This summer we went to London for vacation and couldn't get a room at HR Churchill, a truly welcoming property and our hotel of choice in London. So we booked a room for a few nights at the Andaz, which it must be noted is in the Financial District fairly far away from most popular London tourist destinations.

    Our room was gigantic. It had a 30 foot ceiling. The bed was the softest and plushest bed I can recall staying in, with exquisite linens, and as a result, we both slept peacefully each night.

    The restaurants were actually decent. It's so weird to write about good food in London, but that's the reality of London in 2015 - the town has totally grown up and now actually serves good food. *chuckle*

    Andaz's tend to be very expensive, and I have only stayed in two as a result of their hefty room rates. But both were excellent, and I look forward to trying another Andaz somewhere in the world soon!

    Hyatt Place Boulder / Spring St

    This is a new property which, when we stayed there this summer, didn't have parking yet, so they offered free valet. It is a limited service property that is well located in downtown Boulder. There's a Barnes and Noble next store -- which we love since there are so few bookstores left for us suburban folk.

    HP Boulder was clean, tidy, and the bathroom wasn't as small as I thought it would be. It's a good value for a low price, and next time we're in Boulder, we'll definitely go back.

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    Absolutely agreed about the GH Seattle. The staff are superb.
    The level of service they maintain can be compared to many of the Asian properties.
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    I had no problems with GH Jakarta, where I stayed in January 2013 because at the time there was not a single HHonors property in the city. Since then, Hilton opened a DT that would rival their best Conrads anywhere...according to photos I have seen since I have not stayed there. Speaking of photos, here are some from GH Jakarta.

    Security getting to GH was tight when I was there because of actual Al Qaeda bombings and threats. They had sniffing dogs and metal detector checking every car before it was allowed in:


    I fully concur about the lobby being "tremendous":


    As GP "Platinum", the loftily named elite status that's elite in name only, I was actually "upgraded" to a large corner room with a great view of the "Circle":

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    Great to hear, also love the GH KL, my favorite in the chain for sure, and the Grand Club staff are amazing.
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