Lifemiles - Bargain Hunters Dream, but not Without Some Challenges

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    About three times per year, Lifemiles offers a 2x1 mileage purchase special that previously made your cost per mile $0.015, and with their recently announced price increase will be $0.0165/mile. Still a great deal as a Star Alliance carrier.

    As if that isn't good enough, they also run gift specials an equal number of times per year where you can give someone miles and they will receive 2 times the miles you give. That person can give miles back to you, and the same double miles will apply. It's really another form of the same sale, but requires that you know someone you trust with whom you can give back and forth, or you can simply use it to give a family member more miles than you could otherwise part with.

    I posted a thread about their last 2x1 sale, and I'll update it whenever they run it again. My experiences with them have been mostly good, with a few exceptions ranging from difficulties getting my U.S. credit card companies to approve the foreign charges to experiencing awful irrops handling. Overall, however, everything has worked out fine, and I am still buying all I can when I can.

    There is another thread in this forum regarding some difficulties booking the flights desired by one member. This isn't uncommon. Lifemiles' nor Avianca's IT systems are anywhere near cutting edge, so part of getting the bargain can sometimes mean a challenging booking experience.

    All of my award bookings to date have been on AV metal, and that seems to be the smoothest of all awards available to book. Reports elsewhere, however, indicate problems for some when trying to book OALs. There are also plenty of LM customers who claim to have never had a problem booking anything they wanted, on any airline, in any part of the world.

    Hopefully this can be a place for us to exchange our problems, solutions, experiences and advice when challenges arise. The only cases I have seen to date where a problem was not resolved is always in those cases where the would-be passenger gets frustrated and gives up. For most of us, this is never necessary, but when it is, I hope this thread will be a source of solutions for those seeking real value in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

    The friendly atmosphere of the Milepoint site seems to be the perfect place for such a helpful thread to thrive. Those who know how to use Lifemiles generally love it. Hopefully you'll become one of them soon!

    Disclaimer: Other than Lifemiles being one of the programs offered in my company's loyalty program, I have no affiliation with AV, Lifemiles or any of their subsidiaries. There is no motive here other than to help my fellow MPers find some good value. :)
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