LHR Spa & Cabana Booking Issue - Typical or Rare?

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    Hi all,

    I'm scheduled to fly BA (in First) for the first time on May 14th, and a couple days ago I went through the You First site to email my Elemis spa appointment request, and to also request a cabana that I've heard good things about.

    To my surprise, this morning I just received a reply email from BA stating that they did not have ANY appointments in the spa open that Thursday morning (my flight is at ~14:00 hrs), nor did they have any cabanas available. They did me the favor of putting me on the wait-list, though, and said to check back in with them that morning when I arrive at LHR.

    Is this typical, that you cannot get an appointment weeks in advance?

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    It does happen. You're only two weeks away from your flight, and many people will already have booked during the last two weeks. However, there's only a limited number of pre-booking slots, so you may well get something from the other appointment times that will be available on the day.
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    Cabanas are hit or miss, and really should be booked well in advance. IIRC, there are only two or three.

    I've had a party of four traveling in F and we took two during that trip. We reserved the rooms for our entire five hour layover. We booked about six months out.

    It was nice having the private rooms. A few more rooms would be nice.
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    Elemis Spa bookings at T5 need 3 weeks to guarantee a slot - they won't accept bookings before that (unless its changed recently). I've always managed to get one at T5, but you need to be on the ball at booking as soon as they will let you book.
    (Apologies late reply, but only just seen the thread....).
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