LH2475 London Heathrow to Munich, January 4th 2012

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    Well, this was a bit of a train wreck of a flight :confused:

    Check in was very smooth at the *Gold LH counters. There were almost no other passengers there. We went straight to the lounge to relax before the flight, with a brief 20 minute detour through security :rolleyes:

    After a couple of hours in the very pleasant BMI International lounge in T1, we made our way to the gate early so that we could board before the crowds (one of the people traveling with me was 8 months pregnant). Then we waited.

    And waited. And waited. There were no announcements, and then around the time the plane was actually supposed to be leaving, suddenly the entire waiting area stood up and crowded around the gate.

    It's the first time I have seen an airline board a plane without bothering with pre-boarding for passengers with special needs or elites. Granted, they had two lines, but they boarded both at the same time and didn't enforce anything.

    We finally got on board and managed to stow all our stuff nearby.

    Our flight waited a further 30 minutes on the tarmac, as apparently planes were backed up on our runway. I think this may have had something to do with the cancellations due to heavy winds the day before.

    The captain told us that turbulence was expected, so he left the seatbelt sign on for the entire flight even though it was perfectly smooth almost the entire way (the last ten minutes were a bit choppy).

    The cabin crew managed to serve drinks and the hot meal, which was a very unappealing 'box of round white meatball/sausages with mustard in the middle', which looked horrendous and kind of tasted okay (kind of!).

    They then spent the rest of the flight fighting with passengers who wanted to use the toilet (not anyone traveling with me).

    Now, I understand that passengers have to follow instructions, and that there is a safety element involved, but if it is smooth enough to serve drinks, it is smooth enough to let elderly women go to the toilet, surely? And the cabin crew were extremely aggressive with people too.

    We had a smooth landing and somehow managed to arrive on time, despite leaving 40 minutes late.

    Baggage reclaim was the final step, and once again this was the first time I have seen a carrier completely ignore their own priority tags. Our bags came out in the middle and the end, despite the priority tags.

    Now, nothing horrible happened today. We were flown in relative comfort to our destination, arrived on time, and all our luggage also arrived safely. We had priority check in and a nice lounge to wait in. I only got into the miles and points game last year, so I am still amazed at how comfortable travel can be if you have some elite status and know your way around the system.

    However, I was very disappointed with Lufthansa. I haven't flown them recently, but they seem to have a good reputation. I was expecting competent and professional service, and I don't think we got it.


    -the gate agents should have kept passengers informed as to the reason for the delay and given timely updates
    -they should also have conducted priority boarding, particularly for passengers with special needs
    -the cabin staff should not shout at people just because they had the temerity to try to use the toiled on a two hour flight (I think there should be room for allowing people to go if it is safe, rather than robotically parroting 'the light is on so you must remain in your seat')
    -the food was pretty bad. I would have almost preferred not to have it. They could save money and increase happiness by serving cookies or something instead
    -priority baggage should come out first, and bags checked in together should come out together

    Now, if I had been flying on Ryanair today, I would have been happy with today's flight (and probably satisfied on BA), but it did not live up to my standards for a 'good' airline. I can see why Air Berlin is eating them up on European routes. Is this normal, or did we just get a bad flight today?
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