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  1. My wife was on a LHR/MUC flight yesterday that was weather delayed due to freezing rain and generally poor conditions in MUC. That part is clearly understandable. What happened during this "ordeal" was not.

    For one thing they kept announcing new flight times that were absurd when the inbound flight had yet to leave MUC and thye were posting new departure times that were within the hour.

    Secondly, when the did finally board they had to disembark pax to do a new BP check as they had lost some pax due to the delay. this delayed takeff by another 45 minutes almost causing her to miss the last flight of the day on her connection to FCO.

    Thirdly, in MUC they were clearly not expecting any connecting pax and she had to work her way to the connections desk where they shunted her to the lounge to get a new ticket issued for her now new flight to FCO. This should not have happened under the circumstances the delay was well known and long.
    Of course she then had to scurry about to clear immigration and return through security w/o any guidance or support from LH and nearly missed her connection. They were well past last call when she arrived at the gate.

    The vaunted eficiency of LH took a beating in my perspective yesterday. AC, my major carrier, which is prone to some gaffs during delay ops have never been this bad in my experience. They always have agents meet flights with lots of close connection passengers on board and generally rush them to their gates.

    On elast question. Based on a four and a half hour delay should she not have been given some compensation or do weather related delays not count.
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    You know, sometimes they use a different aircraft than the one you logically expect.

    Passenger needs to identify himself/herself as airports are very big automated organisations. The company cannot babysit 10s of thousands of passengers :)
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  3. They kept announcing it was the same plane that was coming from MUC.
    That's not the issue. MUC ops were obviously well aware of connections to be made. When I got off my flight in FRA the other morning, one hour late, there were three agents with signs to get people to their connections fast. You will agree FRA is big I'm sure. and since thye knew my wife would not be getting her original flight why did't they just issue a new BP for the flight she was now scheduled on. I guess the automated organization was supposed to send electronic signals to her brain.:rolleyes:
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    While I'm certainly not defending any staff that may have been less than helpful or less than professional, unfortunately during IROPs the gate staff are often the last to know what's actually going on. When I was a gate agent at DL years ago, it wasn't uncommon to have to look up flight status on FlightAware and other tools because the tools we had available to us either didn't provide enough information, or didn't provide timely updates to the little information we did have.

    It's a common gate agent "tactic" to try and keep passengers in the boarding area, particularly during WX situations where conditions are constantly changing or there's some uncertainty as to the initial length of delay. You also don't know if there were initial thoughts operationally as to if there was other metal on the ground that could be rescheduled to operate the flight in question. There's any number of challenges that a gate agent is dealing with, above and beyond simply just picking a time and putting it on the board. They're often instructed by ops as to what that new departure time is, but in extreme IROPs like when a hub grinds to a halt, sometimes those updates come late and by the time it gets posted it is already out of date.

    Having been on the other side of the desk during these types of things, I try extra hard to give the agents the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes they just don't know, sometimes they're overburdened with hundreds of passengers to a pair of gate agents. If MUC was in as much disarray as one would expect, they may not had had the capacity to have every tight connection personally escorted, and honestly, that's an unreasonable ask. This stuff happens, and you just have to roll with the punches and do your best to try and help the situation.
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