LH M&M Santa Clarita call center the pits, worse even than BA EC @ JAX

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    Not a new fact for some of you, but it was to me. Attempted to use M&M miles on a US domestic redemption. Agent first attempts to tell me two one-way domestic redemptions will cost 60k and launches into a spiel about how much it will cost me to buy the needed 1k miles - without getting to searching the award request. Having corrected her math, explaining I should need 12.5k each for Y or 17.5k for F, as published on the actual LH award chart, she agrees now I have sufficient mileage and then tells me no seats are available.

    I searched the M&M website and there is no seat available, in any class, on UA from LAX to NYC on the fifteen sample dates I checked - all of which showed multiple award seats on UA.COM. So she may be correct in that LH offers no inventory on that day...but then again, maybe the entire concept of an award seat on UA using LH miles is a phantom.

    Or, perhaps they have a special category of award availablility not only for M&M SEN but for "Experienced frequent flyers of international airlines."

    I see from other customer comments that this call center is staffed and supervised by winners.... isn't there a large jail nearby and do they provide ex-cons with rehab/training?

    This experience was worse than the BA EC call center @ JAX.
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    Never dealt with LH's call center but I really miss BA's call center at JAX.
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    Experienced frequent flyers of international airlines would know that M&M.com doesn't show UA availability online ;)

    UA only releases award inventory to *A partners when they also offer it as saver awards. So either look for saver award availability on UA.com or research ANA first before calling M&M.

    More here: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/luft...eeming-award-flight-united-lh-miles-more.html

    BTW, the call center is in YPQ near Toronto ;) Outside of business hours (8-20 EST) it redirects to CPT.
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