Leaving for Singapore, Port Douglas and Sydney Tomorrow...Any last minute advice?!?!

Discussion in 'Australia/New Zealand/South Pacific' started by jpripcord, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Traveling from Newark to Singapore with my fiance tomorrow evening (SQ) for a little vacation. We'll be in Singapore for 3 days before traveling to Port Douglas (via Cairns) for 3 more days, and ending in Sydney for the final 5 days of our trip.

    We have some advice from friends and family, but any "YOU MUST DO THIS" or "THIS IS THE BEST RESTAURANT, YOU HAVE TO GO THERE" tips, advice, cautions would be very much appreciated.

    My fiance is planning most of Singapore, I was planning Port Douglas (SCUBA, Rainforest Tour, and Beach Day) and we are both planning Sydney

    We're staying in the Conrad in Singapore, the Shantara Resort in PD, and the Park Hyatt in Sydney.

    Let me have it!

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