Learn about KLM's Green Initiatives and Win 2 Tickets to Amsterdam

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    KLM wants to show how aware they are of the airline industry's impact on the environment by giving a virtual tour of how "Blue Flies Green". The tour is done on Facebook.
    They are also giving away two round trip tickets on KLM to Amsterdam for showing your support of their eco-friendly initiatives.

    Some of the steps KLM have taken are:
    • A new aircraft painting system which uses thinner layers to reduce paint weight by 15%
    • Only use recycled water to clean planes and engines are washed regularly for more fuel efficiency
    • Source food from eco-friendly resources whenever possible which contributes to conservation efforts and helps offset climate changes
    • Focusing more on electronic communications to reach a goal of paperless cockpits
    • Meal service equipment has been lightened up for more fuel efficiency
    • Has experimented flying with biofuels including a flight from Amsterdam to Rio.This was the longest distance any aircraft has flown on biofuels.
    Find out more HERE
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