Le Meridien Grand Hotel Nuremberg

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    I recently completed a three night stay at this property.



    Directly across a busy road from the main train station (use the underground passage as the easiest path to the hotel) and across the road from the old town - so the location is absolutely perfect.

    The Hotel:

    This is a classic old European style hotel - the smallish lobby reflects a classical European style. As is to be expected in an older style hotel it has a lot of rooms which differ greatly in size and other features.

    The Room:

    Despite the hotel being 100% sold out I was generously upgraded to a Junior Suite. Standard rooms at this hotel can be very small and to be honest calling this room a Junior Suite was being somewhat gracious - more like a standard room with a small additional sitting area and a larger bathroom. Even with the smallish size I was very pleased with the room. It was well furnished and maintained, facing the inner courtyard meant it was deadly quietly. I found facing the inner courtyard made the room a bit cell like - and would have preferred a city view - however if quiet is your priority the inner courtyard can not be beaten. The room also had a genuine king sized bed (not two twins pushed together), a good sized LCD TV, a cabinet for storage and an iPod dock.

    Entry Way:


    Sitting Area:


    Sitting Area and minibar


    Bed - quite a stylish room:


    The bathroom was a good size with double sinks and handy trolley I used for storage, a heated towel rack and (sadly) a shower over the bath.



    Double Sinks:




    Platinum Benefits:

    Other than the upgraded room, the other platinum benefits included a greeting note from the General Manager and a large bottle of sparkling water (replaced two out of three days). Also included was an invite for a free snack and beer/wine/mineral water in the bar - I didn't have a chance to utilise this so can't comment.

    Minor Annoyances:

    I really enjoyed this hotel and its whole was greater than the sum of its parts - but here a few minor annoyances.

    * The internet is really slow - it is listed as a maximum speed of 512k and rarely reached even this.
    * Housekeeping does an excellent job however they really ration the toiletries, soap & q tips/cotton buds were especially rationed.
    * No iron was included in the room. I don't think I've ever used an iron in a hotel before but it's nice to know it's there just in case.
    * The hotel has decided that the designated smoking area should be right at the front door - truly lousy planning.

    Special Mention:

    The staff at this hotel are truly exceptional. Whoever is hiring and training the staff at the hotel is doing a maginifcant job. All of them are friendly, welcoming, helpful and efficient.


    At some level I think I wanted to dislike this hotel - but just couldn't. I wouldn't take a courtyard view room again - but would be very happy to stay here again. Highly recommended.

    EDITED TO ADD: Just to mention that this hotel is also one of only a small handful of German SPG properties to participate in the current triple up promotion. Their full loyalty to the SPG programme is noted and appreciated by me.

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    Very stylish hotel, thanks for your review!:)
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    Stayed here a few years during Nurembergs Christmas market and enjoyed it and the city a lot .. cant beat the location relative to the old town pedestrian streets and the train station.

    BTW the question of an iron is not hotel specific. Many (if not all) hotels in Germany and other countries I know Luxemburg to be one ....do not place irons and coffee pots in hotels rooms during to local zoning/and/or fire laws.
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    Interestingly there was an Iron at the Westin Frankfurt and currently here at the Le Meridien Hamburg - I wonder if it is a Bavarian thing or perhaps relating to the age of the building?

    Again really just an abstract interest - I try to avoid ironing at home - I'm not about to start doing it on vacation!

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