LAX-LHR in BA New FIRST (Part One)

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    I struggled for quite some time over whether it was worth it to spend the extra $200 (LAX-LHR) and $300 (LHR-LAX) on BA First over AA First, since I was redeeming 62,500AA miles each way.

    The first option was academic: there were no AA First options for when I wanted to go (June 30). Maybe a seat will open up on my return (July 5) and I can truly compare them properly.

    First the MEGA-FRUSTRATION: I arrived at LAX early at 9a hoping to settle into the BA Lounge at the international terminal of Tom Bradley and was shocked to discover that a) BA is the only airline in the terminal who does not have a kiosk that you can print out your boarding pass with; and b) there was no BA representative working til 11:30 on weekends. That meant I was stuck in the terminal instead of the lounge. I called BA, went over to American Flagship (since I used their miles to purchase the ticket), but could not get anyone to help me print out the boarding pass. (I couldn't do it at home either as it was an AA issued ticket via BA.) No boarding pass == no way past security into the lounge. After several phone calls to BA, they gave me the number of their First Class Special Services Line for VIPs at LAX. Got a recording. So I ended up at the Daily Grill for two hours until 11:30 whereupon I got my boarding pass printed out from a first class agent (the line in coach was ridiculously long) and went up to the lounge which was basically like an Admirals Club with finger sandwiches and booze. Certainly not the caliber of the Admirals Club Flagship Lounge at T4.

    But once I boarded, everything was perfect. Great champagne. An amazing seat. I loved the automatic window blinds/shades. The entertainment screen was 17 inches and crystal clear. The selection of movies eclectic.

    The food was surprisingly good -- I read terrible reports on the boards but the Hamachi and Crab Salad I enjoyed were first rate, as was the Cakebread Sauv Blanc and Chards ($50 a bottle).

    The attendant could not have been more kind. This was truly a perfect flight. The turn down service was effortless and I slept for four hours.

    Typing this from the BA Arrivals Lounge which is much nicer than the AA arrivals lounge and where I just had a 15 minute massage and a great shower. All the British Sunday papers are here for my perusal and lunch and the Heathrow Express beckons (10 percent off code readily available).
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    the massage and food in the BA lounge is well worth the extra in my opinion.

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