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    Folks-- I am rank novice at communicating this way so I hope I don't begin by overstaying my welcome. I come out of Continental side of the now United family and as my business related travel is likely to wind down at year end I have for first time ever started to look at my onepass/mileage plus page especially life time miles component to track my progress toward 3million I need to get lifetime 1K status-- status I honestly thought I had already been awarded when I made infinite platinum at Continental some years ago.

    In gathering material for possible communication with United I noticed lawsuit was filed against United in Northern District of Illinois by person named Hongbo Han who says way United calculates miles flown is wrong and shortchanges passangers. If anyone knows of comparable lawsuits I would sure be interested in hearing about same as I consider pursuing my own remedies against United.
    Have no clue if there are solid grounds for this suit but it sure seems to me that United has engaged in quite a pattern of -- to put it mildly-- questionable behavior when it comes to changing the rules by which various kinds of miles are determined. Among those I've uncovered so far and currently no.1 on long list is change apparently made last year-- guess my notice of it must have gotten eaten by mailman!!!-- as a result of which not all Elite Qualifying Miles count toward lifetime miles. For example code share flights on Star Alliance members-- even those purchased on (source we are so heavily encouraged to use) may generate EQM but they do not add to lifetime miles. Even more shocking example only flights on certain of United"s commuter airline affiliates count toward lifetime miles.
    Discovered all this only recently when I noticed my lifetime miles this year were not going up as quickly as my YTD EQMs. So recent flights from Kuwat to my home base CLE through IAD I got bot kind of miles on Kuwait to IAD but not on IAD to CLE because commuter airline leg-- again all booked as single ticket on was on "wrong "plane--silly me I thought when I used United credit card to but ticket on plane that says United on it I could fairly conclude I was dealing with single entity. Similar experience on recent trip CLE to PBI and indeed on other trips this year. This has cost me thousands of lifetime miles this year already and since I understand rule changes were made as of 1/1/12 it costs me boatload of miles last year especially on travel in Asia on routes not serviced by United but where I thought I was doing loyal act of flying Star Alliance and using Mileage plus number not frequent flyer number of other Star Alliance programs.
    Thanks for hearing me out on one of my complaints. Anyone who wants to share counterpart experiences or knows of other lawsuits please let me know,​
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    This was on United Hub dated December 9, 2011:
    OnePass Infinite Elite members will have lifetime Premier 1K status

    The OnePass Platinum Elite status for OnePass Infinite Elite members was extended until the new MileagePlus status levels became effective on March 3, 2012. At that point, they were granted lifetime status at the Premier 1K level. Infinite Elite ended with the termination of the OnePass program on December 31, 2011.

    I suggest that if you have proof you earned Infinite Elite status, I would be surprised if they gave you any grief about honoring it.

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