Latest haul - thoughts appreciated

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    Current cards and program bals:

    AA - 121k
    Frontier - 2.5k
    Hawaiian - 75k
    Delta - 4k
    UA - 118k
    US - 72k
    Hilton - 123k
    IHG/PC - 135k
    SPG - 2k
    Chase UR - 12k
    Amex MR - 1k

    Today's AoR haul:
    -Citi Hilton Visa 50k (recon line - moved $800 from AA Visa to get my line to $8,500) Debating on whether to xfer the Hawaiian miles into Hilton points also.
    -Barclays Frontier 35k (recon line - approved for $5k)
    -CSP 40k MC version (recon line - approved but don't recall the limit offered - I know it was $5k or over)
    -US Airways 35k (recon line - denied twice, said I couldn't have the US Air card again since I just got the Frontier card today too)
    -US Bank Club Carlson 80k (recon line - told to wait 2-3 business days and call back)
    -BOA Alaska 25k after approval (instant approval $10k limit)
    -SPG Amex 25k (instant approval - limit not disclosed)


    Does anyone have experience with US Bank reconsideration line? I know it seems random at best, but was wondering if there were any tips I'm missing. Also, am I SOL on the 2nd US Air card, or is there some tactic I might be able to employ this afternoon?
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    US Bank is tough. They seem to care more about recent pulls than anyone. Next time I'm going to apply for US Bank first (possibly) 2-3 days before the rest of my apps.
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