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    Forget Panda Express.The latest in airport dining is food that comes from a truck.

    It was really just a matter of time. Food trucks have invaded nearly every city in America. Why should the airports -- the first glimpse travelers get of the cities they're visiting -- be left out?

    A few airports have recently brought food trucks to their cell phone parking lots. Orlando International has six food trucks at its commercial lot and taxi staging area. One -- Los Angeles International -- even has plans to build a structure that looks like a food truck in Terminal 4, rotating the offerings from the city's most popular food trucks.

    Tampa International has the most robust offering. The program started in mid-November as a way to service the throngs of people waiting in the cell phone parking lot to pick up loved ones during the busy holiday travel season. The 30-day trial was such a success that the airport has extended the program through August, with a new food truck every day. There's the Cheesesteak Truck, serving the obvious; Nicos Arepas Grill, serving Venezuelan arepas and chachapas; the Dude and His Food, serving burgers, hot dogs and the like; Graffeaties, serving global street food; and several more in the rotation.

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    wonder if the food trucks raise their prices since they're at an airport, like the other stores do
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    They're usually priced high anyway. I'm not sure they have to pay the airport taxes like the interior locations do.
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