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Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by LAM, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Is it better to contact the hotel before you arrive to request a late check out or just wing it and ask when you check in. I have two hotel stays on my trip to Germany and Prague next month where my train does not leave until later in the afternoon. I would like to get a late checkout of 1-2 hours. One of the hotel I have status the other I do not.
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    I always request, prior to arrival. Being a Diamond HHonors member has normally helped secure these.

    We probably have not gotten nearly as many early check-ins, and for international travel, now just book the night before our early AM arrival.

    Now, hotels might not be able to tell you, whether they have room for a late check-out, until that day, so not sure that early request has much to do with it. I seldom get full confirmation on late check-out, until into my stay, but they at least know what I want.

    Good luck.
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    If they deny your late check-out, you can always stash your luggage with the bell-hop, Then you can walk around the city before your train trip.

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